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Ayurveda and its ancient tradition remind us that each food, herb and combination of ingredients has a specific effect on our body. Modern science has not yet succeeded in completely elucidating the natural laws that animals instinctively know. One thing is certain: we no longer know how to choose the elements necessary for a balanced body and we are paying the price with our health and our vital energy.

We need to learn again about taking care of ourselves. Earth not only provides and feeds us, but she heals us as well. There is no medicine, even modern, that does not find its original components in nature. Why not directly go to the source?

We started a quest for this ancient knowledge about powerful herbs and plants from the Amazon and elsewhere in the world – that supported good health less than a century ago and for millennia. We decided to plant everything that can grow here, super-foods and essential herbs.

And then a miracle happened: when we first arrived, we removed hundreds of cows from the pasture in order to regenerate the soil, to let it breathe. Within a few years, a wild and fragrant shrub took over these lands: field rosemary, a native Brazilian plant only found in this country and with which bees, to protect their hives, produce a substance of extraordinary healing power: green propolis. We could not have dreamt of a more beautiful collaboration between animals, plants and mankind.