Along the past few years, artists have left many beautiful works created in connection to the place. New stories are coming up, of a great variety of natures.

Christina Holmes (New York) – A Study In Light, 2018

Christina Holmes came back to Catuçaba as an artist in residence, 3 years after she discovered the places while shooting the campaign for the cult NYC brand Best Made.

A Study In Light

I see the light emerge as an energy that infiltrates my every move. As the breeze takes shape the clouds hang low and heavy. The reflection of my journey my moments deep in the land are seen on the edge of the pond as I walk near and the storm rolls towards. I lie for a moment in the grass. Standing, I see the floor beneath me glisten as the sun hits sharply to the wet red rock. When walking I see the lush green of the fruitful rich soil be bountiful and forgiving with much nature amongst. I touch the liquid gold as I then taste the gift of the bees from the pollen of the trees they have shared. I reflect. I stand. I look. I walk. I breathe. I heal. I listen. I know there is more to this world after being within this present moment. Eu reflito. Eu estou de pé. Eu olho. Eu ando. Eu respiro. Eu me curo. Eu escuto. Eu sei que há mais neste mundo depois de estar neste momento presente.

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Pasha Radetzki – Rebuilding the Portal do Sul

In 2017 Pasha rebuilt the Portal do Sul, one of the symbols of Fazenda Catuçaba originally created during his first residence in 2011

Pasha Radetzki, (Bielorussia – New York) Rebuilding the Portal do Sul, 2017;

In 2017, in his new attendance to the Residence Program for 3 months, Pasha has reformulated and improved Portal’s shapes, deepening the concept of impermanence and burning the previous Portal do Sul. After searching for original woods from the Amazon, Pasha redid the Portal with also new measurements so it can resist through time and continue with its open doors to the World.

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Pasha Radetzki


Galeria Mírian Badaró Gallery exhibition in Taubaté-SP, from the artist’s Portal do Sul photographic archive, 2015. During his second residency period, Pasha presented a selection of photos of all the portals built on the farm, allowing them to all be viewed in a single place – a photographic exhibition.

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Ethan Goldwater

Ethan Goldwater (USA, New York), Luis Pedro, filme, 2014;

Ethan, a talented young film producer, made a film centered on Luis Pedro Pavret — one of the descendants of the farm’s first French residents and a continuing guardian of the place. Ethan presented a very personalized portrait of this impactful local personality through two short films: “Luis Pedro” and “HIs name remains”. During his residency, Ethan also produced a beautiful film about the work of artists Juan Doffo, another creator who was a resident at the time.

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Mehinako Tribe

Oca Mehinako, an ancestral dwelling built by the Mehinakos Indians, only with elements of the local nature of Catuçaba.

Mehinako Tribe (Brazil, Xingu River) – Oca, 2014

Indigenous Xingu River tribal residents, the Mehinakos, brought the wisdom and ancient architecture of their people, as well as the actual vines used to bind the building’s frame. With the help of workers from the surrounding region and using only local bamboo, they built yet another temple for the farm, a place frequently used for meetings and get-togethers.

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Juan Doffo

Juan Doffo (Argentina, Buenos Aires), Photographic performance with fire, 2014;

Juan Doffo arrived at Fazenda Catuçaba as a fire performance artist. He expresses his view of the world through his pieces and was able to capture, using long-exposure photography, the power of this element, fire, in the context of nature.

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Genevieve Maquinay

Genevieve Maquinay (Colombia), The Kiss e El Sur sculptures, 2013;

Sculptures made from locally upcycled materials, inserted into the landscape

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Irmãos Campana

Irmãos Campana (Brasil, São Paulo), Bamboo Cathedral, 2013;

The designers built a circular cathedral out of bamboo and also participated in the planting of a myriad of plant species on one of the farm’s mountain summits, creating a temple for meditation and deep reconnection with nature.

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Pasha Radetzki

Pasha Radetzki, (Belarus – New York) Portal do Sul, 2011;

As one of the creators of the artistic residence program, Pasha built a set of portals made from local woods, with the help of workers from the region. Spread throughout the farm, and exhibited in the middle of nature, its main piece is the “Portal do Sul”, which is placed on the farm’s highest point, also known as the “Altão”.

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Fernanda Preto e Bruno Jorge

A ‘fairytale’ point of view of our local culture.

Fernanda Preto (Brasil, São Paulo), photography , 2011;
Bruno Jorge (Brasil, São Paulo), Catuçaba, film, 2011;

During this first residency, made up of 10 visits over a 1 year period, Fernanda and Bruno documented extraordinary, beautiful moments of Catuçaba’s everyday comings and goings through photo and video, utilizing a ‘fairytale’ point of view to showcase the rich local culture and its meaning.

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