Nature in essence. The breeze from the sea covers the mountains, and reaches Catuçaba. Bordered by the Serra do Mar State Park, there are many places to explore through hikes or on horseback. Cultural experiences like Cunha or São Luiz do Paraitinga present us with the traditions of country life, which are simple and meaningful. Partaking in mountain sports, taking a dip in the lake and catching the sunset from the top of the mountain are all ways to take in the beauty of the region and embrace one’s days at the Fazenda.


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Horseback Riding

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Cultural Immersions

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Trail to the waterfalls in the Serra do Mar Park

Next to the farm, between Catuçaba and Picinguaba, is located one of the bases and entrances of the Serra do Mar State Park, called Núcleo Santa Virgínia. A dip in the Atlantic Forest biome, the park offers trails for all levels, the longest of which (4h) is a beautiful hike through the waterfalls of the Paraitinga and Paraibuna rivers.

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For those who stay longer, the Paraibuna river region is one of the best for the practice of this sport. With a length of 8.5km, an average of 5 hours of tour and difficulty level 3 and 4, the journey down the river passes through 5 waterfalls, in addition to backwaters in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. Specialized tour operators in partnership with the State Park develop this activity.

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