“Fish Shelter”

The quintessential Brazilian coastal retreat

In tupi-guarani, Picinguaba means “fish shelter” (“refúgio dos peixes”). Pousada Picinguaba is located in a tranquil bay at the heart of the Atlantic Forest Natural Park – a tropical seaside forest that extends from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo – within a small fisherman’s village in the Ubatuba region and a half hour away from Paraty. To the eyes, Picinguaba emerges as an entryway to a Brazil of decades past. At Picinguaba, everything appears to be in perfect harmony.

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Our food

From the nets of the local fishermen to our table.

Fruits and vegetables come from the forest surrounding our garden. The locals supply the restaurant with the purest that nature can give us. Nature is present in all our food.

People of the sea

Our guardians are our people.

People who were born here or who made this place their home. At the fishermen’s village, all embrace the riches kept by the Brazilian earth and sea. Guardians are those who protect and preserve the traditions of simple living and warm welcomes.

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