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Preparing the essential foods: healthy flours (cassava, corn, buckwheat, ground from roots and grains that we grow ourselves), cheese made from our cows’ milk, bread, butter, honey, alcohol distilled from our sugar cane. Rediscovering food preparation – raw, cooked, the wood stove – and how to get quantities and nutrition right.

Then feasting with ceremony: eating a picnic with your fingers under a tree near a stream, or over a white tablecloth at candlelight, under the stars. Eating together is a daily ritual, a celebration of life, of exchanging and sharing. The Supper is the foundation of our civilizations.

There lies the most extraordinary alchemy: everything we eat becomes ourselves. We integrate not only the foods we eat but also the energies they contain. Which is why the place where they grow and the intention with which they are prepared are so important.

Almost everything on our table grows here – was born here and lived free, and was gathered or killed with respect on site, with love. We consume the poultry and pigs, but not the cows, as it is an ancient tradition here. We do not kill wildlife either, nor insects. Each has a precise function, as well as a right to live, to occupy space.

Nothing is produced for sale. Everything is reserved for the home consumption of those who live here or those who come to visit. No economies of scale: everything must be of the best possible quality. All this is part of our experimentation in the search for a more efficient and fair model, beyond commercial logic.