Time flows softly at Picinguaba. Despite this, it will still seem as though there is not enough time to take in everything the fishermen’s village and its surrounding region has to offer. Boats, kayaks and stand-up paddles take us to deserted beaches; walks through the forest teach us about the calls of birds that echo in the green and reveal landscapes and waterfalls. Native dwellers invite us to fish scallops and taste the entire potency of their flavor. Trips to neighboring towns such as Paraty teach us more about culture, history and everything we define as richness.

Living the Sea

Floating in the sea, admiring the coast from a different angle, feeling the energy of nature — this may be the best definition of peace. At Picinguaba guests can experience this feeling in many different ways, be it through surfing, stand-up paddling, kayaking or on a schooner ride.

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Native Fishing

Experience the Picinguaba way of life. The village is an internationally recognized UNESCO heritage site. Fish with a local fisherman, from one of the colorful boats docked out on the bay. This activity is great fun for both children and adults — a relaxing, educational experience that connect us with the knowledge of people who embrace fishing as a traditional practice. Upon our return, we can cook up what you’ve fished for dinner, a special experience in and of itself.

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Forest Hikes

Entering the forest and following trails through essentially untouched greenery, breathing in fresh air, hearing the echoes bouncing off the trees. At Picinguaba we offer various itineraries that take guests to secret beaches, only accessible on foot, to spectacular waterfalls or even on a birdwatching tour led by a local and passionate guide.

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Cultural Immersions

Picinguaba is a small village located inside Ubatuba. It is also located in the region internationally recognized UNESCO heritage site. Amongst the many cultural experiences that are to be had here, we also offer three guided tours: Vila de Picinguaba, Paraty and Trilha de Ouro (Gold Trail). The “Paraty, Colonial Heritage” tour takes us to a city rich in culture, outfitted in XVII and XVIII century buildings, arts and crafts shops, as well as restaurants featuring local gastronomy.

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Sunset on the Beach

Watching the sunset on the beach is a beautiful Picinguaba moment. We can arrange a boat trip to admire its spectacle of color from several secluded beaches in the area. Feel the serenity of being alone in a beautiful place, watch colors take over the sky and breathe in tranquility.

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Traditional Canoeing in the Mangrove

The traditional caiçara canoe is a symbol of the relationship between the people of Picinguaba and the sea. They are the traditional means of reaching the ocean for artisanal fishing. Made of wood and colorfully painted, the canoes color the village’s ocean. To go on a caiçara canoe trip through the mangrove means encountering a place that is the natural filter between sweet and salt water, discovering its unique vegetation, fauna and richness — an enchanting experience.

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