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Design and Architecture


In 2014 we received an indigenous group from the heart of the Amazon — indigenous of the Mehinako tribe — who built an Oca using materials found on the farm. The Oca is a traditional indigenous architectural structure that is at least 10 thousand years old. The piece has become a place of contemplation, a thread that connects us to ancient civilizations of Brazil and the world.

Local Houses

The modest settler countryside homes speak to a rhythm of living where only the essential matters. Houses are intertwined with nature, backyards lead to waterfalls, gardens and lakes frame the landscape.

Colonial House

The main house was built in 1850 and has been preserved throughout the years. Today, it serves as the Fazenda’s meeting point, where one of our greatest treasures is kept: the kitchen. Classically decorated, featuring a fireplace and tables for enjoying meals; the house is an open living space that is always enlivened by the smell of flowers, herbs and fruits of the earth.

Modernist House

The Modernista Caipira House was projected by architects Márcio Kogan and Lair Reis, from studio mk27. Its design received honorable mention in the Residential Projects category at the 2013 World Architecture Festival in Singapore, the largest architecture contest in the world. The House is self-sustaining in terms of energy — taking advantage of natural resources such as the sun, wind and water. In addition to this, it is designed to utilize these resources at a level of utmost efficiency via its full integration into the natural environment.


MINIMODs are high quality pre-fabricated homes that can be assembled easily and present a simplified and sustainable solution to living in the middle of nature. It is the fruit of technology applied to landscape — an invitation to inhabit the frontier between nature and artifice. A silent entity that renounces its protagonism in order to highlight the relationship between dwellers and landscape.

Bamboo Cathedral

For their largest landscape project to date, the Campana Brothers have created a Bamboo Cathedral measuring 30 meters in diameter. The native bamboos are traditionally used to delimitate the borders among very extended properties, but in this case they have been planted in a form of a circle. The Cathedral occupies the top of a hill, to be seen from everywhere, and was idealized by the designers as a spiritual point of reference in the landscape, and used as such by the inhabitants of the houses scattered in the vast land around. The Cathedral is a space for meditation and art performance.


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