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What are the profound necessities of humanity, organizations and individuals today that time in nature can answer? How can nature help us creating the next phase of our evolution? Why do we need time in nature?

Here are 7 answers.

1.  Give yourself time

Spending time in nature is essential for establishing a receptive state of mind.   

Being busy all the time might be one of the most obvious reasons why we don’t seem to evolve (at a personal or collective level), even though we already have all the answers at our disposal. 

Never before has all the wisdom in the world been so readily available, but we don’t allow ourselves the time to access it, experience it, integrate it and ultimately apply it to our own lives.

Most of us never seem to “have the time.” As a whole, we seem to have far less time to live than our grandparents did. And for those of us who are acting in favor of the evolution of the world and are involved in great works today, it is worse: the more our action and involvement for the collective, the less time we seem to have to reflect on the merits of this action.

We should know better: a quick look at spiritual cultures all over the world is enough to realize that, for answers to come, one must spend a significant amount of time doing nothing, just being open to access the field of all possibilities. Do we allow ourselves enough time for this to happen? Don’t we need to slow down (a lot) more?

Growing awareness cannot happen unless we are in a certain state of openness: the commune with nature can provide this, allowing ourselves to be open to subtle energies.

2. Find clarity

We need to find the way to put into practice what we know.  

We are coming back to the knowledge (which is natural to ancient civilizations and indigenous wisdom) that the Earth is a living organism, to which all living beings are intimately attuned, and which is itself attuned to the vibrations of the Cosmos and other planets, most obviously to the Sun and the Moon which command life on Earth. Similarly, most of us are now aware of the enormous and devastating impact of humanity on our home, planet Earth, and its advanced destruction.

However, we are still far from integrating this knowledge into our daily lives. In fact, most of us avoid taking this into consideration, even worse, those who are actually aware of it feel powerless, and do not engage an action that would be in any ways proportional to what they know.

In order to wake up, we need specific places that live in tune with nature, where we can really experience this, know it is possible, and take our lives to the next level.

How can this happen? 

Quite magically, nature reconciles us. There is a maternal love that comes into play. Coming back to nature is like coming home; it naturally heals us when we surrender to it, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This healing allows us to see things as they are, and act accordingly.

Clarity comes from a clear and stable connection that needs time in a harmonized place to establish.

3. Be in harmony, from a space of coherence 

We need to be inspired by being in harmony with nature.

Coherence is when we are in sync with our deepest nature, with others and with the whole, so we can enter in resonance with the vibration of Gaia. In Catuçaba, we put this coherence into practice: experiencing a break in a micro-center immersed into nature favors the learning of coherence and has proved over time to increase the resonance of coherence in our selves.

This feeling of coherence happens both directly (e.g., through the example of self-sustainable living in nature, way beyond simple “green” practices), but also indirectly, from an invisible yet effective radiance of being exposed to the energies of such a place.

Nature is an expression of Light. All is contained in it. It has all the answers. We need places that reflect this in the fundamental aspects of the human art of living, so we can reintegrate human with nature.

4. Raise our level of consciousness

Our way forward as humanity is the evolution of consciousness through learning from the wisdom of nature.

If we consider the state of the world, we realize that things cannot be solved by applying the same old solutions to our problems, but by engaging actively into growing our awareness, both personal and collective. For the problems are only the consequences of our lack of consciousness. 

The answers are to be found within ourselves, and from there we can reconcile with a higher coherence and see the obvious: we are nature, we are one. If we cultivate this consciousness, we seamlessly connect to unity and can embrace life under a new perspective.

Nature helps us because it reflects the only reality that exists: the order of the universal laws.  Beyond nature, learning how to relate to our planet, and beyond, to the cosmos, and understand that we are part of the consciousness of the Earth, is the way towards collective awareness. 

In our times, it is necessary to let ourselves be inspired by nature, to integrate the thinking of the planet, to become the planet, so we can resolve the illusion of separation.

5. Receive inner knowledge: from places of power of the earth

Sacred places do not belong to a specific religion, they are connection points to the energies of the Earth. 

A number of special places on the planet have become places of worship because of their specific vibratory quality. Monuments have been built there in the course of history, always on the same places, from an ancient tradition to a more recent one (ex: Chartres cathedral is built over the center of the Druid tradition, churches in Cusco sit on the exact location of the worship places of the Incas, etc.). These are places of healing and access to a higher knowledge.  

These invisible energies remain available to those who wish to connect to the universal subtle energies of the Earth and are willing to learn from them. 

These places must be revisited in our critical times: they are portals of direct access to a superior knowledge. They are part of a specific energetic grid of the planet with a higher electro-magnetic frequency, whether in pyramids, stones circles, monasteries, temples, cathedrals, crypts, mountains, caves, islands, deserts or forests, sacred springs, etc.

Historically, established communities are built around or usually based on such points of power, which explains the attraction of cities in the first place, often with a cathedral or a monastery around which the city grew. Isolated communities in nature (such as monasteries) follow the same logic. 

More subtle energies are available in remote places in nature, with clearer access without the interference of crowds and the mixed energies of cities or mass tourism. Those places used to have guardians and caretakers responsible for the protocols of access.

6. Join forces 

We must collaborate together for a better world.

In nature, everything is about collaboration: there is very little competition, contrary to a Darwinian idea that is still prevalent today. As part of nature, we all have a natural desire to collaborate, which comes from the intuition that we are all one, and therefore collectively responsible for Humanity and the Earth.

When we experience the motherly aspect of the Earth (which literally gives us everything, i.e. air, water, food, love, knowledge, etc.), it makes us all sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. This calls for brotherhood and sisterhood: a collaboration based on a sense of belonging to the Human family.

Effective collaboration does not happen on the Internet, but in physical places, in moments spent together around a fire or a meal, in face-to-face meetings with the right intention, aligned on the same frequency, connected to the energy of a higher truth. This can only happen in special places away from the chaotic vibrations and the busyness of cities.
Collaboration is the topic of our time: we can empower each other in our respective missions, in order to create a critical mass of conscious people through the radiance of our own light, being beacons for the consciousness of the Earth to come to a level it can shift.

7. Access an alternative truth 

We need to move from a materialistic worldview (which we are used to) to a compassionate view of love (which our hearts truly desire).

Western culture tends to consider as truth only what is visible, rational and quantifiable. But the invisible exists even though we cannot see it: the human eye can only see between infrared and ultraviolet rays and hear within a specific range of sound frequencies. There are obviously many realities to which our senses and our mind do not have access, and not everything is quantifiable. Our materialist vision is therefore only partial, limited.

The fact is that all traditions, in their beautiful variety since the dawn of time, end up delivering exactly the same message: that of union with God (or the Divine, the Universe), with Nature, with all that exists. This convergence shows great coherence: despite misunderstandings between traditions on interpretations of the nature of the Divine, the agreement of the existence of a spiritual world prevails. The Western materialistic vision that seems to dominate the world today is largely a minority: atheists and agnostics represent only 7% of the world’s population (from which half in China). Before the 18th century, atheism did not even officially exist.

And yet, most Westerners conditioned by materialism act as if there was no spiritual world, and do not really follow any spiritual guidance on a daily basis; they have allowed themselves to be dominated by a non-spiritual vision. 

Remembering where we come from may be the key to finding the answers we seek, and the predicted failure of the materialistic world may alert us to the need to remember and manifest a different vision of humanity and the Divine. When thinking about the future of humankind, shouldn’t we then acknowledge a spiritual vision of the world as default vision, and reconcile with it?  Could this help us adopt a new viewpoint from which we can manifest a higher vision for the evolution of humanity? 

Remembering the laws of the universe is simply essential if we are to understand how to change the direction of humanity. Nature is and always has been the universal entry point to a personal spiritual experience.