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There is visible, and there is invisible.

The visible exists, the invisible is.

There is a great misperception: the one that the invisible does not exist.

Most people think that only what they can see, exists. 

So in our communication today, we tend to think that we have to fight for visibility to exist. We are fighting for a space in social medias or else, dedicating a very significant part of our lives to achieve this visibility (or not). Like our life would depend on it.

And then we tend to spend the rest of our live to survive financially….Se when do we live? When is the time to BE in the eternal present?

But we had lives before social medias (literally).

We do not need to be visible to live!

Maybe this is all a desperate fight for recognition, a call for love disguised in many ways. It seems that if we do not exist in the eyes of others, we do not exist.

But none of this is necessary to live. All this is wind. Time lost. Life lost.

I just want to say to my fellow humans, from my retreat in nature: maybe this need of recognition from others is leading to the wrong way.

One great saint said: “if people are talking badly about you and putting you down, that is not easy. But rejoice, because you are then escaping a far bigger danger: people praising you.”

Let’s not work to be praised or recognized. Let’s just be, and live, and do whatever we want.

Beingness is life in its purest essence.

Absolute Beingness is the definition of God.

Let’s be our divine essence. Being our self is what life is about. Everything else is a diversion from this.