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We are living a momentum of acceleration of the evolution of our consciousness: a radical shift in our human perception is gradually emerging, and this can be a little scary for who is afraid of change, and truly exciting for the others.

It might be difficult in a moment like this to distinguish what is true and what is false from the continuum of events, because we have lost the reference in the fundamental laws of the universe, and the logics of duality and simplification are dominating. The only way to achieve this, and not to be a victim of a false reality, is thought a personal rediscovery of spiritual knowledge.

The universal key of the access to the spiritual world is nature, of which we are gradually rediscovering the true meaning. Nature is what puts everyone in agreement, because one cannot disagree with it: she is the universal in matter, the living presence of the great feminine, the origin of all life. Coming back to her is like coming back to our mother, that we may have ignored sometimes all our life. What happens when one meets his mother that he has never met? There is a process of transformative humility.

In this way, beyond its visible aspect and its beauty, nature is also the possible place for a supra-sensible, metaphysical experience. It is an access for every individual to the essence of life, and therefore to the essence of one’s life, and as a consequence to the direction that we may wish to give it from now on.

This is the process I invite you to share through the subjects discussed here, in a non-polemic perspective that considers all points of view as equally acceptable. (If we know where we are talking from, then we shall not be afraid or disturbed by any other opinion, as long as we can understand the underlying reasons for such “points of views”). However, one of the purpose of those texts is, at the same time, to try to put in the light what is common ground to everyone, and this might often contradict well-established mainstream opinions. But how can we bring any evolution if we only tell what people want to hear in order to comfort their existing point of view?

My party is the one of collective evolution, and I believe the only thing we can really change is our own point of view for this to happen.