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Space, abundance, generosity, land of welcoming and tolerance… These words define the essence of Brazil, where beyond the clichés and the circumstances, lies a marvelous peace, a particular energy that can be felt by everyone, perhaps because this large country has not seen any significant war.

Can we reduce a country to its political climate, to its economic potential? The worth of a land and its inhabitants is determined by a thread more subtle and longer lasting. There is a type of magic in Brazil that has made it a New World, a land of possibilities for so many, from its inception and repeatedly throughout its history. At this crossroads of reinventing our existence on Earth, a freedom space is needed.

Thirty kilometers away from the ocean, at the edge of the Mata Atlantica, one of the richest ecosystems on the globe where leopards, howler monkeys, toucans and hummingbirds live, Fazenda Catuçaba spreads out over 1,700 acres of forests, lakes, rivers, farm land and pasture. Here and there, an isolated house, in which to live with the rhythm of the land, a few horses running free, a man at work in the early morning.

The real riches grow here: abundant water, pure air, total silence, unlimited time. The property counts more than 40 spring water sources, and the first neighbour is kilometers away. In this paradise regained, it is possible to build, create beauty, brainstorm solutions for the future, and dream the world of tomorrow.