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A UNESCO-preserved fishing village between forest and sea.

In tupi-guarani, Picinguaba means “fish shelter” (“refúgio dos peixes”). Pousada Picinguaba is located in a tranquil bay at the heart of the Atlantic Forest Natural Park – a tropical seaside forest that extends from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo – within a small fisherman’s village in the Ubatuba region and a half hour away from Paraty. To the eyes, Picinguaba emerges as an entryway to a Brazil of decades past. At Picinguaba, everything appears to be in perfect harmony. The soft strength of the breeze moves boats that redesign the line of the ocean horizon with every sunset, and makes tree leaves flutter in the wind. People here are knowledgeable of the land and the sea, find nourishment in the nets of local fisherman, respect the desires of the earth.

Our Philosophy

To honor the philosophy of connecting guests to nature, local culture and history, our accommodation does not carry televisions, fridges, telephones or internet service. We believe in profound experiences that instead connect us to the natural world and our inner essence. We are non-smoking places and we do not serve industrialized food such as sodas and meat that are not locally produced at the farm.

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