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At Catuçaba, nature breathes within us.

Catuçaba means “land of good people” in tupi-guarani, a Native American language. Fazenda Catuçaba can be found in a part of Brazil that is nearly intact, surrounded by protected forests. Based out of what used to be a 450 hectare coffee farm, in the middle of a mountain range. Here, we keep stories that are intensely tied to the Brazilian soul, to the simple beauty in recognizing birds by their calls, to waking up with the sun, to drinking pure water, to eating foods picked fresh from the earth.  Our main house was built in 1850, and the descendants of its builders still inhabit these walls, protecting and caring for it. Here, we learn new ways of relating to the world and its people, experiences that only a real connection with nature can provide.

Our Philosophy

To honor the philosophy of connecting guests to nature, local culture and history, our accommodation does not carry televisions, fridges, telephones or internet service. We believe in profound experiences that instead connect us to the natural world and our inner essence. We are non-smoking places and we do not serve industrialized food such as sodas and meat that are not locally produced.

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